Bullits began as a basketball association in 1991 when a group of Sandringham Primary School friends decided to create their own team instead of playing for various other clubs. The friends wanted the team name to be Bullets but the parents deliberately altered the name to Bullits. The blue & yellow colours were borrowed from Sandy Primary. In their first season, these boys were runners-up in the Under 13A competition.

In the second season, they were joined by a girls team, the Sandpipers, whose colour was "fluoro pink". By the third season, several other younger boys and girls teams had joined the Club, all now dressed in blue & yellow. The name was changed to Bullits-Sandpipers Basketball Association Inc. The name was legally changed to Bullits Basketball Club Incorporated in 1997.

The founding Bullits Committee included Graham Borghero, Carl Treasure, Sue Lewis and Ellen McCartney. Their efforts helped ensure the enduring success of the Club - for example, they established the Sandringham Secondary College Hall as the training venue we use today.


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