Codes of Behaviour

The Bullits Basketball Club Codes of Behaviour sets out the minimum standards for anyone involved in the Club. It should apply when playing, training or taking part in club-sanctioned activities.

The Bullits Basketball Club Codes of Behaviour supplements the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct. All players, parents and coaches are required to read and sign the Codes of Behaviour and submit to the Team Manager at the start of each season.


Member Protection Policy

The Bullits Basketball Club Member Protection Policy outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.  Our policy informs everyone involved in our club of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are expected of them. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our club’s activities.


Team Managers Manual

The Team Manager is the point of contact for each team and is responsible for communication between the team members/parents and the Bullits Committee and Southern Basketball Association. The Team Managers Manual provides team managers with all information needed to successfully perform the role.

A team manager briefing session is conducted at the start of each season and all team managers are encouraged to attend.


Working with Children Check & Member Protection Statutory Declaration

Basketball Victoria requires all people working with Basketball Clubs to provide a Working With Children Check (WWC).

The Bullits Basketball Club Committee support the Act and require all Coaches, Team Managers, Coordinators and Committee members who are 18 years and over to have a Working With Children Check.

The WCC is FREE to volunteers.  This link will take you to the application form. For organisation details: Southern Basketball Association, 150 Tulip Street, Cheltenham, 3192.

The Working with Children Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for, them are subject to a screening process.

Sworn Police Officers (who are not suspended) only need to supply the Club with a copy of their Police ID and Teachers only need to supply the Club with a copy of their VIT ID.

Basketball Victoria further requires all persons who undertake the WWC to complete a Basketball Victoria Member Protection Statutory Declaration.

A copy of your WCC and the signed Member Protection Statutory Declaration must be completed and submitted to the Bullits Registrar when you become a Coach, Team Manager, Coordinator or Committee Member.

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