Bullits teams have exclusive use of the hall at Sandringham Secondary College on Bluff Rd, Monday to Friday 4.00pm-8.30pm. We also have some time slots at Black Rock Primary School, 71 Arkaringa Cres, Black Rock VIC 3193.

U9 and U10 teams train for one 30 minute session per week. All other age groups train for 45 minutes. Training times are decided once teams are finalised. The younger age groups are given priority for earlier training time slots over the older age groups. Bullits trainers are provided at Sandringham Secondary College to either assist the coach with training sessions or they can run the training session for the team.

It is required that at least one parent is always present during training sessions in addition to the coach.  This is particularly important if the team has a junior coach.

Teams can elect to play games and not train.  A reduced registration fee is available for those teams electing to forgo a weekly training slot.

Weekly Skills Training Sessions

Bullits offer weekly skills sessions open to any player who wishes to attend at no additional cost.  These are currently held at Sandringham Secondary College:


MONDAY 5.30 - 6.15pm ADVANCED Skills SESSION




Bullits coaches are either parents of players or junior coaches. The club will pay for coaches to attend Coaching courses including Level O and Level 1 Courses and any run by the Southern Basketball Association (SBA).



  •  The hall should be open at 3:45pm every week day so that teams can start training as soon as they arrive. But if the hall isn't open, please try to get there a bit early and go around to the office and kindly ask to have the hall opened.
  • Food should not be consumed inside the hall as this can attract rodents.  Only drinks should be consumed.
  • Children should not be on the stage, behind the stage or in any of the rooms behind the stage.
  • Bikes should not be ridden on the outdoor basketball court.
  • Please consider the neighbours when your teams are arriving and departing the venue, especially later in the evening with regards to noise levels.
  • Teams MUST stick to their allocated time slot. If your team is late arriving at training for whatever reason, you MUST still finish on time!
  • The cleaner is only contracted to work to a certain time so it is imperative that teams finish on time. The cleaner has a copy of the roster and is aware when teams are due to finish.  The cleaner can commence cleaning the hall if a team finishes at 8:30pm.
  • If the school hall is unavailable for a particular reason (e.g. during exams and NAPLAN testing), teams can train on the outside courts, light permitting.

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